“I normally refuse to join in campaigns but this seemed so important, and the ‘safety’ covers so absurd and dangerous, that I agreed”
Author, TV presenter & Patron of FatallyFlawed
Dr Adam Hart-Davis



“Sockets in the UK are designed to keep people safe. Our UK design has been better than the majority of other countries, for many years.  Socket covers are an absolute con and totally unnecessary.” 
Engineering, Maths and Science presenter on TV
FatallyFlawed Supporter

Johnny Ball

Other Covers

IMPORTANT: This information applies to BS 1363 sockets only   

The two covers below are the only covers we have seen with all pins made to the correct size, although the ends are badly shaped.  This is a useful demonstration of the fact that there is no good technical reason for socket cover manufacturers to ignore the standard for plugs!  However, both fail to meet the minimum distance for pin to periphery required by BS 1363.

This is the “Safety 1st” branded cover which is available from a number of stores, we bought this one in December 08 from B&Q.

This cover is one of the easiest for a child to to remove, as it is equipped with the most accessible finger grips we have seen!  They are perfectly positioned at top and bottom, allowing a child to use both hands to remove it.

It is sufficiently flexible to be  easy to insert upside down, leaving the shutters open and the live contacts exposed.

Model12N Model12I Model12S


This is unlike all of the other covers we have seen, it an alarmed cover by “Summer Infant Inc”.  We bought this cover in 2011 from a private eBay trader, it was unused in original packaging. The UK version of this seems to have been discontinued, but we include it for the sake of completeness.

The cover is equipped with a micro-switch which detects when the cover has been removed from the socket and sounds an alarm.

We were not able to test the functioning of this cover as the batteries in both of those we bought were flat, and there is no provision made for fitting new batteries!

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